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  • -Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 27th October 2018

    Mr Rudol was very good with his explanations of the problems I had with my spine and neck. He advised what the options were and the risks and after many CT scans and X-rays and had come to the conclusion that an operation was not the best option as it was very high risk and not a good success rate. He is writing to my doctor with suggested medication and physiotherapy. He assured me that should I have any further problems I should feel free to contact him.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 24th October 2018

    Mr Rudol has always taken time to explain everything in detail He always has time to listen to any worries i may have had and put me completely at ease After my operation the treatment i had was exemplary

  • - Written by a patient at The Spire Elland Hospital - 19th October 2018

    Mr Rudol listened very carefully to my description of the symptoms of my back pain - he cross-referenced what I was saying with 2 images of my recent MRI scan. He detailed 3 possible treatment options for me, including the success/failure rates. I was encouraged to ask questions. He was extremely courteous and professional throughout my consultations, and I was very pleased with the outcome of the treatment I finally opted for.

    I have nothing but praise for Mr Rudol.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 16th October 2018

    Mr Rudol was excellent, I liked the way he used statistics to help answer my questions, he seemed very knowledgeable about the long term prognosis and statistical results of patients with the same condition as myself.

    He obviously takes great pride in his work, particularly when a positive outcome is achieved.

    He gave me good, sound advice and I would not hesitate in recommending him.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 13th October 2018

    Following an mri which showed I had a completely collapsed disc in my back, Dr. Rudol came in from home specially to operate on me immediately. He was so professional, friendly and explained everything so clearly. I can’t reccomend him enough. I would trust him again and again and would suggest anyone who is in need of surgery sees him! I was struggling to walk for 3 years and following his surgery I can run around with my little girl and enjoy life again. He gave me my life back! And now I am completely pain free. I honestly can’t thank him enough.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 23rd September 2018

    I went to Dr Rudol in June 2018 for consultation after several months suffering with paint in my neck, middle part of spine and pain of under shoulder blade muscle. I already had MRI scan which I did while visiting family abroad; and it was diagnosed with several degeneration in cervical and thoracic spine; herniated disc, and it was suggested that there is a cyst in thoracic spine.

    Dr Rudol has taken time to review scans in details and explain my condition; he listened to me with patience and understanding, and also advised how to manage pain with use of medication and correct exercises to reduce levels of pain; and he settled my worries. He also advised me how to strength my spine so with time I should be able to mange without medications, but he stressed how important it is to prevent surgery in future.

    Currently, after taking his advise on board; I manage to go several days with no pain; manage my office work and daily sport activities without discomfort of pain.

    I highly recommend Dr Rudol, his subject knowledge and personalized service is one in million, he definitely goes the extra mile. Thank you Dr Rudol

  • - Written by a patient at Spire Leeds Hospital - 20th September 2018

    I visited Dr Rudol due to the constant sciatica I was experiencing in my left leg. I had been referred previously for physio but it was not helping and I was struggling to get the NHS to agree to check my spine further. Upon investigation by Dr Rudol he found the problem with a slipped vertebrae. He decided to complete a nerve block in L4 which has relieved the pain completely, its amazing how suddenly the little things that everyone takes for granted such as walking around a shop is something I can do again without the constant almost unbearable pain.

    Dr Rudol advised me the nerve block injection would be a little uncomfortable which I assumed coming from a surgeon would mean rather painful but it was exactly as he described, uncomfortable and a strange feeling but not painful.

  • - Written by a patient at Spire Leeds Hospital - 19th September 2018

    I can't thank Mr Rudol enough for helping me resolve what's wrong with my back.

    He has all the lovely qualities you could wish for in a Consultant when you feel vulnerable. Mr Rudol is a good listener, gives excellent advice and never makes you feel rushed. He explains things really clearly so that it's easy for you to understand and without all the professional jargon. His secretary is lovely to speak with on the phone. She is very efficient and nothing is too much trouble.

  • - Written by a patient at The Spire Elland Hospital - 19th September 2018

    He informed me exactly what he was going to do and explained the possible side effects and outcomes.

    The way he presented this to me gave me confidence in his abilities and that he could help me with my issue.

    My problems were slowly starting to disable me and stop me living the life I wanted to. Mr Rudol has given me the ability to now progress my life forward, which was slowly being taken away from me.

    One thing I must say, when I was coming around in recovery, Mr Rudol was stood at the bottom of my bed giving me the thumbs-up that the operation had been a success.

    This gave such an uplifting feeling (even in a semi-conscious state) and hope he continues to do this for all his future patients, I genuinely feel he cares for his patients.

  • - Written by a patient at The Spire Elland Hospital - 19th September 2018

    Highly recommended,my go to doctor for excellent treatment,thank you

  • - Written by a patient at Spire Leeds Hospital - 10th September 2018

    Mr Rudol was extremely helpful and re-assuring. We were never made to feel that he was under pressure of time and his explanations of potential causes, diagnoses, prognosis and path to recovery were given in an exceptional manner, comprising medical terms in plain English. Mr Rudol was able to give us much appreciated peace of mind before I had even had my scans and x-ray but when he took us through the results, we knew that we had made the right choice in asking to see him.

    We chose Mr Rudol from the BUPA finder website, based on his skills, experience and hospital facilities used by him if required. We travelled to Leeds and back from our home in Skegness, 3 times in as many weeks because sadly, Lincolnshire does not have the facilities of Spire Leeds or Leeds Nuffield, nor specialists of Mr Rudol’s calibre. The first time that we met him, we knew that we had made the right decision and cannot praise him, his staff or the hospital (or BUPA) highly enough.

    Thank you Mr Rudol

  • - Written by a patient at Spire Leeds Hospital - 6th September 2018

    I have had chronic lower back and neuropathic leg pain for 30 years following laminectomies and extensive revisional surgery to repair nerve damage in my late teens. The significant loss of sensation in my legs and feet means I lose my balance sometimes. A recent fall caused severe pain in the thoracic region the cause of which I wanted to understand. Crucially, Mr Rudol listened to, and considered my request for an MRI (rejected by the NHS despite the complexity of my history) taking the desired holistic approach to the situation. The clarity of the information and advice given during both appointments was exemplary.

    Mr Rudol interpreted the MRI scan for my wife and I so that we gained a clear understanding of the injury. This will hopefully allow other health care professionals to provide appropriate support to help me recover. Mr Rudol's attention to detail and commitment to providing care of the highest standard was illustrated when he took the time to explain additional information shown on the scan. After struggling to gain answers at York District Hospital, I am relieved that I was referred to such a dedicated expert. Thank you Mr Rudol.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 5th September 2018

    I first saw Mr Rudol at the LGI, he was very thorough and detailed in his explanation of my spinal condition. I was very apprehensive prior to the first appointment with him as the previous consultant had not explained what I was being treated for. Once he had explained the options he could see that I was a little shell-shocked but ensured that I left in a confident & positive frame of mind. Prior to the surgery he went out of his way to contact me and explain a slight change in circumstances concerning the condition of my cervical spine and made a special effort to see me the day before the operation to explain face to face and therefore I was able to digest this information without scaring my family any farther on the day of the operation. I hold Mr Rudol in very high regard and would also recommend this surgery to anybody in a similar position.

    I originally saw Mr Rudol as an NHS patient at the LGI, I requested that the surgery was conducted privately and it was my request that he should be the surgeon to do this. I can honestly say that Mr Rudol is exactly the same genuine, polite and professional man whether you are being treated under either system. This has not always been my experience of medical professionals at other hospitals. The surgery was conducted at Leeds Nuffield with the follow up at Spire.

  • - Written by a patient at The Spire Elland Hospital - 4th September 2018

    What can I say that has not been said about Mr Rudol? From my initial consultation he put me at ease and explained to me what his intentions were in diagnosing me and what treatment options we could consider. Once I had my MRI results he went through explaining what had been found and he was able to explain it to me in a way that I could understand. Based on the results he explained the options for going forward. Throughout I found that he was really interested in what I wanted and i feel it has been a pleasure to have been referred to Mr Rudol. Thank you.

  • - Written by a patient at Spire Leeds Hospital - 3rd September 2018

    Mr. Rudol took the time and trouble to explain fully the procedure I was going to have and I found him to be polite and very considerate of the discomfort that I was suffering. On the day of the procedure he again visited me and put my mind at rest at the pending course of treatment. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this doctor.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 26th August 2018

    I first met Mr Rudol as I lay in bed in LGI after an MRI scan had revealed a problem with my spine. He told me that he was going to operate by inserting two titanium rods either side of my spine with twelve screws to support them. The following day he told me with honesty and compassion that I had lung cancer and that the metastases had destroyed one vertebrae and most of another. Despite Mr Rudol's best efforts the Hospital was unable to provide the resources and facilities for this operation. So it was a week later when he announced to the powers that be that he was not leaving the hospital until he had operated on me. It was a difficult and highly emotional time for both of us, but he supported me with regular visits, updates and comfort throughout. He carried out his promise to perform the operation himself.

    The operation was a massive success, and due to the extraordinary advances in Cancer Research and immunotherapy it was recently announced that my cancer treatment so far has been 90% successfully.

    I conclude this report and recommendation by saying how grateful I am for Mr Rudol's skill and professionalism, and for standing up for me when I was incapable of standing up for myself and supporting me through the early stages of a massive life changing situation.

  • - Written by a patient at Spire Leeds Hospital - 24th August 2018

    My experience with Mr Rudol has been a fantastic one. From the first appointment he has listened to my concerns and been open to discuss options and fully took on board any suggestions or concerns that I had.

    Mr Rudol has explained my options and the process of treatment at every point. Mr Rudol called me with results and emailed me copies so that I always felt in the loop and very much apart of my treatment options.

    I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending Mr Rudol to all friends and family.

  • - Written by a patient at The Spire Elland Hospital - 21st August 2018

    i would recommend Mr Rudol to anybody. he put me at ease, explained everything he was going to do. He listened to the questions i had and answered them all.

    On the day of surgery i received fist class treatment, and all follow up appointments i got the same good treatment , the outcome was fantastic.

    ~Mrs s

  • - Written by a patient at The Spire Elland Hospital - 15th September 2018

    I went to see Mr Rudol at The Spire Hospital in Elland with long term lower back pain radiating into my buttock and down the back of my right leg. My quality of life had been severely compromised and I could no longer enjoy my daily swim or long walks. Walking down the garden to peg out the washing had become extremely painful and climbing stairs or steep inclines sometimes resulted in tears due to the pain. I had been taking glucosamine and chondroitin tablets, paracetamol and ibuprofen without any success. I even resorted to taking co codamol and cbd oil capsules with no success. I had become quite depressed and had gained weight as I could no longer exercise and could no longer see “light at the end of the tunnel”. After having an mri scan it was found that I had an L5 nerve entrapment that was causing my pain.

    Mr Rudol is reluctant to put his patients through unnecessary surgery so suggested we try a nerve block to be administered in theatre. After this procedure I have been pain free and able to enjoy my previous activities . My life has been totally changed and am extremely grateful to Mr Rudol for his kindness, understanding and ability to treat me without surgery. I now walk at least 10000 steps a day and have even managed 18650!! I can enjoy swimming again and manage to swim lengths for up to 45 minutes without any pain.

    I am now 5 weeks post procedure and have only once had to take paracetamol for a persistent ache. I appreciate that my symptoms may return at any time but am extremely grateful for the pain free time I have now and am making the most of it by enjoying my exercise on a daily basis. My whole family think it’s a miracle that my life has changed so dramatically and are all grateful for the care I received from Mr Rudol and would recommend him to other patients.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 12th August 2018

    Fantastic care my operation went amazingly

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 11th August 2018

    I been absolutely amazed by the care I received.

    Doctor listen to me been patient and understanding, explained to me in great details the condition I have and how to help with my medical problems.

    He goes above and beyond to help me understand what caused condition I have and how to deal with it in future to prevent from re-accuring

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 11th August 2018

    Mr Rudol is a very likeable individual. His professionalism and attention to details is exceptionally admirable.

    However the system does not give him the total assistance that he needs. To day I had a second apointment that was a four hour session for me (home and return) but only a 15 minute slot for him. The good news he had to tell me could be bettter dealth with a phone call or a dictated note in post/email. Take the dictaphone off him and replace it with a note pad. The excellent letter he wrote to my GP unfortunately got filed and I only found out accidentally while looking for my patient note on line six weeks later. No one followed up the bullet pointed actions to take.

    To cap it all Mr Rudol bravely saw me without case notes. He has a fantastic power of recall but that should not be an excuse for the missing file. Computerisation of patient notes will go a long way to resolve this. But make sure the system is compatible with the system used by GPs and other hospitals.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 23rd July 2018

    The human answer to the Super vet! What a talented individual, always smiling, always understanding. He makes you feel like the only patient, and genuinely cares about your outcome. Surgery 7 weeks ago on lumbar spine, and the difference is amazing! My legs actually feel as if they are mine! Not felt this for some years. Still a way to go, but confident that my 6 year old back will be fit and well for years to come. Thanks from my heart for the wonderful service and care bestowed on me.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 7th July 2018

    I have been under the care of Mr Rudol for the last two years since I had spinal surgery on my lower back. I have found Mr ruldol very caring and I can not thank him enough for what he has done for me. I could not walk without a stick for two years and in a lot of pain, I am now walking without a stick and back dancing, and have now got my life back. thank you once again Mrs Eileen Nicholls.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 3rd July 2018

    Mr Rudol is a very committed , dedicated, emphatic, compassionate caring surgeon.

    Mr Rudol has excellent communication skills, I met with him on May 8th 2018, he used my MRI scan as a visual aid and his excellent interpersonal skills to explain to me the surgery I required and the risks associated with this. We discussed my best hopes and worst fears, Mr Rudol really listened , he acknowledge my many levels of pain and distress. I was impressed with his genuineness and honesty, it really installed confidence for me and my husband regarding 'the way forward'. I had decompression and Instrumented Infusion surgery on the 22nd May, Because I knew what to expect, this assisted my recovery. Mr Rudol is a very talented surgeon, my Fusion is a work of art, it resembles two tiny hands wrapped around my thoracic spine to protect it, which is in essence what I hoped it to look like, given that is the job it's expected to do for the rest of my life.

    Mr Rudol visited me everyday I was in Leeds General Hospital, always with a smile on his face and listened carefully to 'what I had to say', asked appropriate questions and always gave me daily feedback.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr Rudol, if any of my family members required spinal surgery, My best hope is they would get Mr Rudol as their consultant

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 13th June 2018

    Always very patient, caring and listened to you as a patient. Very good at explaining things and what your options are.

    Surgery is a very scary thing, but Mr Rudol will put you at ease all the way through the process and the follow up appointments.

    You get the feeling he only wants the absolute best for you both as a human being and a patient.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 15th May 2018

    Made me feel at ease about the whole process, gave me all options.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 12th May 2018

    I had suffered chronic pain for many years, stemming from a spinal stenosis that caused sciatic pain down my leg and limited articulation of my ankle joint. I limped.along and frequently needed to bend forwards to relieve the pain. Mr Rudol explained what surgery could do to address the problem, but I should stress that he did so while stating the risks. However the surgeon’s professional and personable manner left me with every confidence in his ability to achieve an improvement in my condition.

    One year later my life has been transformed; I met Mr Rudol today and studied x-rays of my spine with the metalwork and fused vertebrae that hold my spine intact/functional. Having spent six hours in theatre skillfully repairing damaged, painful vertebrae he continued to show attentiveness in my recuperation, giving sound advice and encouragement at regular intervals. Today I have no pain, and only fellow sufferers can understand what that means.

    Greg Rudol is such a lovely man who happens to be a highly skilled and experienced surgeon; I recommend him without reservation.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 12th May 2018

    Mr Rudol always has a smile on his face. He listens and respects what a patient has to say about their condition. He offers very good advise and courses of action whether it be surgery or alternative means of treatment. Mr Rudol is a very professional surgeon and looks after his patients and is around if you have queries and questions that need answering.

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 1st April 2018

    Fantastic service very helpful great time and care My condition was not going to improve its self And the surgery was a great help for my way of life To improve so I could continue to do everyday activities As normal.

    I would defiantly suggest this procedure to anyone with a Disc trapped out of place. Many thanks to Mr Rudol

  • - Written by a patient at Leeds General Infirmary - 13th February 2018

    Whilst I was unfortunate enough to be admitted to hospital for the period 24/12/17 to 15/01/18, I was fortunate enough to be under the care of Mr Rudol. My illness required urgent spinal surgery in order to avoid paralysis. After being transferred to the LGI from St James’s, I and my family were met by Mr Rudol at 7.3am the next morning. In the meeting the seriousness of my condition was explained in full and the likely ‘draft’ plan for my treatment was discussed with us all.

    The meeting also included Mr Rudol’s colleagues Mr Gummerson and Dr Patankar. The team provided excellent care which was repeatedly explained to me as I went along the journey. The management was provided by Mr Rudol who also listened intently to my fears and concerns and explained why certain procedures were to take place and also the critical timing of them. This not only allayed my fears but also instilled total confidence in Mr Rudol. I and my family will be eternally grateful to Mr Rudol and his colleagues for the excellent healthcare they have provided.

University of Leeds British Orthopaedic Association Royal College of Surgeons Swansea University NHS Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh